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As a leading language training center in Chennai, Communiqua has helped hundreds of individuals speak, learn and communicate new languages. Whether you want to learn a new language for personal reasons, prepare for a trip abroad or improve your resume, Communiqua helps you achieve your goal with sheer ease.

Imparting quality language training being our forte, our lessons are focussed on listening and speaking, thereby ensuring that our students learn the language as naturally as possible. Our lessons include plenty of opportunities for students to use the new language and build their knowledge and confidence while communicating in it. Training Team at Communiqua believes ‘communication and impression go hand in hand.’ And we don’t restrict with just learning and mastering a single language. With foreign languages opening new avenue in almost every field, we believe being multi-lingual is the new trend, which in turn, is becoming a necessity. We pride ourselves in offering a personal, friendly and professional service and in tailoring our programs to meet your exact course requirements. Apart from offering classes in national languages like Hindi and Tamil, we offer a spectrum of foreign language courses that include Arabic Russian Chinese English French German Japanese Korean Spanish Portuguese

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  • Thank you for the opportunity to learn from professional trainers in my endeavor to improve my skills in English language. I know that I have improved a lot but still have lots of work to do, which is another excuse for me to join Communiqua the best English language training center in Chennai for another batch. I personally thank all my instructors for their efforts. In summary I can say that I am extremely satisfied with this course and now I am doing very fine…sorry, I mean I am doing very well!

  • I have to confess, with Communiqua it was not only about learning, but also about a cultural experience, at least that is what I felt during my Spanish learning sessions. I spent close to 12 weeks with Communiqua and I had the opportunity to interact with students of other language batches as well. Whenever I enquired about their tutors, there was one common reply – ‘they are great’. As good as my Spanish lessons tutors, it was enlightening to know that it wasn’t just a lone spark.

  • I’ve had a great experience at Communiqua learning Chinese. The trainers were very helpful & they ensured that the classes were very interesting. The batch too was very friendly. For me, Communiqua is the best when it comes to language training in Chennai. My tutors were excellent & so is the curriculum. Since I had to move to China for a brief while, I was concerned about the language barrier. Thanks to Communiqua, those concerns are washed away for good.