About Us

Communiqua begun with training four kids aspiring to improve on their communication skills in a small room and today Communiqua is a reputed language training institution located in Pursaiwalkam, Chennai. It fulfills the aspirations of an individual who may be in school, college or employed to be able to communicate with the rest of the world in English or other foreign languages. Imparting the highest level of quality teaching and training students is the prime incentive for the Training Team at Communiqua.

Why Foreign Language

English is the worlds most widely used language for communication as well as in science, business, information technology, entertainment, navigation and aviation too. Thus, it is seen to hold a significant value in bridging cross-cultural openings. That’s just about the most widely used language, but what about learning foreign languages? Should one consider investing the hard work in learning a whole new language? Well yes, you should!!!

Here are some benefits of learning a foreign language

Opens doors to a whole new world:

Language is the single most important tool that allows you to expand your vision of the world by opening gates into different cultures, facilitating exchange of ideas, providing opportunities to learn as well as enjoy the beauty of various cultures.

Seeing the world from a different perspective, and understanding where you and others come from, is a fantastic, eye-opening experience. This makes you more equipped in considering others under farther favorable light.

Builds confidence:

Bilinguals are seen to have greater confidence. Obviously, they are able to contemplate situations in their mind in two different languages, and arrive at a conclusion when thoroughly satisfied with thinking thus enabling a more confident decision.

Besides increasing confidence , employability, number of friends, a new language gives you a huge sense of accomplishment. A new language serves as a stress buster while paving way for self actualization

Expands Employability:

The world around us is increasingly globalizing with multinational companies constantly opening gates of opportunities. Between two equally qualified candidates with exactly the same skill set and experience, the person who is bilingual has substantially much more likelihood of getting the job

Makes you sharper:

Studies have proved, being bilingual calls for better performance on standardized test as compared to monolinguals. It is also proved that being bilingual or multilingual works for your brain as exercise does for muscles.

Here are some benefits of learning at communiqua

Now that you have decided to learn a new language you can be proud and confident for choosing ‘Communiqua’ as your training partner.

The ability to understand a language by reading and expressing thoughts with writing are important, but the ability to speak a language in a phonetically and grammatical correct manner is more important. The true ability of a person’s skill gets tested when he communicates verbally. This skill is imparted at Communiqua, making a student more confident while interacting with people who communicate in English, Hindi or any foreign language. Trainers at Communiqua, take the responsibility to ensure that every student is totally equipped with speaking, reading and writing skills in the language opted for, from the set of languages we offer to teach. All students receive personalized attention to attain these skills via our teaching and training workshops.

To sum-up- training at Communiqua is facilitated by partnering closely with the students to help them navigate from their existing levels of discomfort or lack of confidence to the stage where they are able to express their idea flawlessly, fluently and are ready to take on the world with a confident stride. There is an additional sense of accomplishment and self actualization sought through our methodology implemented for learning a foreign language.