Advanced English

Advance Your English Language Skills With Communiqua

Having conquered the basics and intermediary levels of the English language, those who wish to gain further knowledge or have a passion to dive into the depths of it, can opt for our Advanced English Program.

What makes Communiqua the Best Advanced English Language Learning Center in Chennai? Communiqua’s Advanced English program is dedicated to students who wish to expand and sharpen one or more individual skill or are looking to master all general skills in the language.

Classes are focussed on increasing analytical skills, critical thinking and listening comprehension that supports an expanded and advanced vocabulary and the ability to observe and capture and reproduce even lengthy conversations.

Apart from conversing in advanced vocabulary English, students are taught to review punctuation rules, develop critical thinking skills, develop editing skills, perfect their spellings, perfect their phonetics, review advanced grammatical structures, create creative compositions that is near-native levels. Such learning will enable them to replicate it in personal, professional and academic environments.