7 tricks to learn a new language in 7 days
Wednesday April 17, 2019

Is it even possible? Can you learn a language in just a week? The answer is a resounding Yes! It is possible and in fact quite interesting to take the attempt. To be successful in it , you need a clear vision and a stronger motivation along with our Pro- tips. Read on
1. Track the Purpose: The biggest motivator for learning a language in 7 days is the need to learn the language in 7 days. Chalk out the purpose and then outline a plan to achieve it. Mark your milestones with the help of an expert, and go after them one at a time. For eg. Learning the most common practical phases like ‘Where is the ATM’, ‘Can I have a coffee’, ‘What is the time’ etc by day 1.
2. Apply it real time: From the very first moment remember to ‘map and label’ your surroundings with the new language. Explore day to day things like dinner, bed, colleague, office, etc in the new language. This will help you build and reinforce associations in your everyday life.
3. Pair Up: Language is a communicative medium. Just like it takes two to tango it takes two to enquire and respond- in short converse. Additionally, if the partner is motivated by the same purpose as yours eg. Winning a competition, travelling to the same place, then the combined determination keeps you on track. You can also split your lessons and master it within a stipulated number of hours. By the end of the deadline both of you will emerge as separate sources of knowledge- to be easily transferred through practice.
4. Celebrate your milestones: As mentioned in point 1, you need to map a series of milestones as you set out to learn a language. Don’t forget celebrate your small successes as you achieve these challenging landmarks- eg giving a 1 min intro of yourself, going to a restaurant and ordering a dish. The kick and gratification that you will draw through these little celebrations will spur you to take bigger linguistic challenges.
5. Live breath eat the Language: Learning any foreign language is an immersive experience. But learning a foreign language in 7 days calls for an all-consuming commitment. You literally need to soak in the cuisine, music, films, literature of the language. So much so that your recreation time too primes your mind and triggers other areas of interest.
6. Familiarity breeds confidence It’s true. Use what you already know. Experts say – The greater the depth of association and processing, the more likely the information will stick”
Enjoy charting parallels and comparing them with the language you know. For eg. While you are trying to decipher a nice French movie, pause and read out aloud the subtitle.
7. Don’t get too caught up: By now you must have plotted your plan of action, your methods etc. Don’t get too caught up in them. Language is fluid. It flows from different sources through different conversations. Spice up your training, by shuffling these sources eg. Tune in the radio, or watch a football commentary to break down the words and their meanings beautifully.
Remember, there is no definitive strategy to learn a language, nor any tool or teacher that will single-handedly deliver you to the holy grail of fluency. Language is written, spoken, read, expressed, gestured to communicate the emotion. Once you can tap that emotion, you can surely learn a language in 7 days.

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