Basic French words and phrases for the confused beginner!
Friday July 26, 2019


Having a difficult time decoding the French movies? Or are you just in love with the sound of the French words? Well, here’s a short tour of simple yet soulful French words that you can use in your everyday life.


France has always been the epitome of culture and have housed a civilization of erudite citizenry with a refined taste. Their language have shaped their culture and have also percolated and made way to the English dictionary. You will often find millenials using fancy French words in their tete-a-tete.


For example, hello is often replaced with these French words and we are sure it would sound familiar to you!


Salut- An informal way of saying ‘Hi’ and ‘Hello’

Bonjour- A formal way of greeting ‘Good Morning’

Bonsoir- A formal way of saying ‘Good Evening’


Now, coming to every day phrases and words, here’s a list of few which would help you either in touring the French Territory or decoding French movies in bits and pieces. There are various ways of learning French, today we will teach you an easy way with basic French words.


Yes Oui
No Non
Yes, please Oui, s’il vous plaît
wee, seel voo play
No,thank you Non, merci
nong, mair-see
Please S’il vous plaît
seel voo play
Thank You Merci (madame / monsieur)
mair-see (mah-dahm / mer-syer)
You’re welcome Il n’y a pas de quoi
eel nyah pah der kwah
Goodbye Au revoir
oh rer-vwahr
Goodnight Bonne nuit
bonn nwee
How are you? / How are you feeling? Comment allez-vous?
kommahng tahlay voo
Excuse Me Excusez-moi
ex-kewzay mwah
Do you speak English? Est-ce que vous parlez anglais?
essker voo pahrlay ahng-glay
Can you help me? Est-ce que vous pouvez m’aider?
essker voo poovay may-day
I don’t know. Je ne sais pas.
zher ner say pah
Sorry Désolé(e)
Where? Où?
When? Quand?
How? Comment?
Why? Pourquoi?
Who? Qui?
Which? Lequel? / Laquelle?
ler-kell / lah-kell
Where is…? Où est…?
oo ay
How much? Combien?
How many? Combien?
What’s that? Qu’est-ce que c’est?
kessker say
I’d like… Je voudrais.
zher voodray
I want… Je veux.
zher ver
I like it. Ça me plaît.
sahm play
I don’t like it. Ça ne me plaît pas.
sah ner mer play pah
OK Ça va.
sah vah
Agreed d’accord.
That’s Fine. C’est bien.
say byang
I love you (singular) Je t’aime
zhuh tem
I love you (plural) Je vous aime
zhuh voo zem


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