Productivity in the times of Quarantine
Wednesday April 8, 2020

The year 2020 started with positive vibes and new learning but little into the year a dark depression has set over the world. Mother earth is now battling with a deadly virus called Novel Corona virus. With lakhs being affected and the death toll rising every day, citizens around the world are confines into their homes. Social distancing has become the need for the hour. But in such trying times it is important to block negative thoughts and also use this time productively.

Due to the rat race that goes round the year we are unable to devote time to new things. Be it a new hobby or reviving the old one or learning something new, everything seems like an ordeal. But now you have all the time and you must make good use of it. In this blog we will look at ways to be productive during quarantine period.

Brush up your foreign language skill-

Devote your time in mastering a foreign language that you’re already pursuing. Watch foreign documentaries with subtitles to get a good grasp of the language also documentaries which talks about the language, culture and history of the place.

Learn a new skill-

How you always looked at spellbinding photographs and took a deep sigh. Dust your camera and go around your terrace to click the skyscape. For more tips on becoming pro visit skillshare or Udemy and learn from the experts.

Online foreign language classes-

There are a lot of online foreign language classes in India that imparts online education and keep you updated. Even Communiqua is organizing online classes so that you don’t miss out on your revision and keep learning even during lockdown.

Make a quarantine diary-

This is an eventful time and documenting it will go a long way. Bring out your diary and start writing your daily thoughts. Read it later and cherish it forever.

Bring out the artist in you-

Around the world we are spectating a surge of creativity. While the European countries are singing and playing from their balconies in solidarity of each other, many are taking this opportunity to compose melodies, write stories and poetries and pain beautiful landscapes. IF you’re a closet artist, then come out!

Be as productive as you can and make the best your of your home time. But do not miss on your classes and to catch more online foreign language classes in India, do visit our website.

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