Best movies and shows to watch for Korean learners
Friday October 11, 2019

Korean movies and shows have gained considerable popularity in the recent past. Many shows are now popular in India, and the audience ratio is hitting a high rapidly.

The popularity of the Korean shows mainly owes it to the powerful characters, plot and definitively the impeccable acting of the stars. But do you often gasp ‘oh how I wish I could catch the true essence only if I knew the language!’ Well, if you are a beginner in Korean and love watching movies, then you’re in for a jolly ride.

Today we will learn about some revered TV shows and movies, to learn Korean through them. So sit back and munch on your popcorns while we give you insightful trivia. Also note, pay attention to the English subtitles first and then when you have got a grasp of it, switch off the close captioning.

My sassy girl:

A quintessential romantic comedy, “My Sassy Girl” is the story of a young woman and man who meet cutely late one night at a train station. And the story unfolds thereafter.

The Host:

When romance takes you over, let’s jump to some science fiction. “The Host” is a movie that will tap every emotion like, humor in the midst of mayhem, bloody gore, suspense, even acquittal. This spine chilling thriller is a must-watch.

The Admiral:

A historical film based on the Battle of Myeongyang which took place in October of 1597. It’s the story of Korea’s Admiral Yi Sun Sin and his 12 ships, who lured the Japanese into a long and narrow strait—where their movement was hampered by the torrent and awaiting wall of steel chains.

The thieves:

A film based on a heist and much inspired by the Hollywood blockbuster Ocean’s 11. It is a mixed team of Koreans and hinkong actors and is about 10 thieves who set out on a heist.

The Attorney:

“The Attorney” is the story of a tax lawyer who defends a friend’s son and other students who were hauled by government forces on sedition charges. He believes that the confessions were made by torture, and sets out to bring the made-up charges out in the open.

With these movies, you will definitely have a rich, well-grasped vocabulary that can lend a hand in mastering Korean. So wait no longer! Head on to your favorite movie streaming site and get your Korean language workout today!

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