Movies to watch for beginners in Japanese
Wednesday January 22, 2020

Learning a language through cinemas is effective and fun. The process involves multiple senses and therefore it’s more engaging.Learning through cinemas and shows helps to acquaint one with the dialects of a language, the way it’s actually spoken. One can also see the language in context, which leads to a deeper understanding of it. This includes different accents, registers, styles and ways of speaking, and conversational etiquette which are also part of a language.

Cinemas also have a wide variety of speakers to listen to. One can also learn different sets of vocabulary, depending on the kind of film being watched. Lastly, regional films provide a fair amount of exposure on the popular culture of a particular region.

Let’s take a look at some of the best Japanese cinemas which are ideal watch for learning Japanese.

1.Shall We Dance(SharuwiDansu)-

This is a 1996 classic with a lighthearted story that’s easy to follow. It doesn’t have any heavy dialects or particularly difficult Japanese. The film is a romantic comedy about a man who gets smitten by a dance teacher and gets motivated to take ballroom dance classes.

2.Tampopo –

It is a 1985 classic comedy that tells the story of a run-down ramen shop’s revitalization. In addition to the language, it gives some pretty good insights into Japanese culture and especially its food obsession. The film is jokingly called the world’s first ramen western, a Japanese take on the American “spaghetti” Western.

3.Good Morning (Ohayo) –

This1959 Japanese classic by Yasuhiro Ozuis a comedy about two young brothers who promise to be silent in protest of their father’s refusal to buy a TV. It gives a unique and humorous look at a rapidly changing Japan. Since many of the film’s characters are children, the Japanese is fairly easy to understand. The movie’s simple plot also makes it easy to watch.

4.Godzilla (Gojira) –

This 1954 Japanese kaiju film was directed by Ishirō Honda and produced by Tomoyuki Tanaka. This is the first film in the Godzilla franchise and the Shōwa period. In the film, scientists and politicians deal with the sudden appearance of a giant monster known as Godzilla, whose attacks trigger fears of nuclear holocaust during post-war Japan.The film is great for sharpening Japanese language skills with some handy vocabulary.

5.Like Father Like Son (Soshite Chichi niNaru) –

Like Father Like Son is a 2013 Japanese drama film edited, written, and directed by HirokazuKore-eda. Though the plot of the film seems tragic – 2 couples, each with 6-year-old sons, discover that a hospital mix-up switched their babies at birth, it’s more of an introspection into human emotions.

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