How conversation helps in learning a new language effortlessly
Saturday June 20, 2020

Mastering the art of conversation is a skill, especially when it’s not your native language. One of the first languages that we pick and learn effortlessly is the language we converse in most and mostly that’s our mother tongues. So, it is proven that conversing in the desired language eases the process of learning and speaking in that language effortlessly.

In a recent study by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, language learners that practice speaking outperforms those who learn via other teaching techniques like comprehension and not oral exercise. It was thus established that the more you converse, the better you get at it. Today we will talk about the key benefits of conversation practice.

1. Conversation practice enables language learners to understand their acquired knowledge, incorporating a variety of cognitive skills to produce oral communication. This is learning by doing.

2. Conversation is a two-way process. The process of learning a language also requires great listening skills. This helps in grasping the language better.

3. By engaging in conversation, we get more exposure to the target language. New items and structures become available for use. This gives us a clear understanding of the usage of the language.

4. Practice makes anything perfect. Even for learning a new language, the more you converse and keep practicing it the better fluency to adopt. This also gives you the confidence to speak a foreign language.

5. It seems that when conversing, learners become more aware of the gaps between what they can do, and what they are not yet able to do. How the learners can improve and what are the other scopes of the usage. This appears to pave the way for noticing, which is a requisite to learning.

6. The tonality of words in different languages have different intonations. This becomes clear if you’re conversing with multiple people.

7. Oral corrective feedback or error correction has been found to help learners notice their errors and pay more attention to the rules and forms, either grammatical or pragmatic.

Keep conversing even if you’re making mistakes. Walk the talk! For more information on foreign languages, visit our website.

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