Benefits of introducing foreign language in Schools
Saturday June 20, 2020

Due to the exceeding competition, learning a foreign language other than English has become extremely important. In the 21st Century knowing a second language is not only beneficial but necessary for a successful life. Today the world economy is bringing diverse cultures and communities into more frequent contact with each other. The ease of global travel and the internet have collapsed the barrier of distance that once kept the world’s communities separate. From the corporate marketplace to the individual consumer, from the pre-schools to universities, from the beach vacationer to the global jet set, the world community has become integrated and interdependent. Institutions of higher learning are scrutinizing applicants to identify future world leaders.

The concept of knowing a foreign language has always proved to be productive. Learning another language not only helps you scale the success ladder but also learn about new cultures and explore varied lifestyles.

Learning anything skill, be it a skill or a language is easier when one is young. Therefore, learning a foreign language in school is easier than learning it at a later stage. Study shows that young children are more receptive in learning something new and can easily grasp a foreign language. After all, we just pick up our mother tongue effortlessly as young children, so the logic is that if we teach children early enough, the same will happen with foreign languages. Young children are very enthusiastic and love learning foreign languages. They find it fun and they enjoy discovering new worlds and new ways of saying things.

Learning international languages can help one with the knowledge that can give global recognition. Foreign languages also help students get a stronghold on the social front where they can effortlessly communicate across different origins and build a strong connection due to the apt understanding of their language.

Thus, introducing a foreign language in the school curriculum is an important and integral part.

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