Training your employees in foreign languages can be great for business
Wednesday September 4, 2019

In an era where boundaries are getting diluted and countries are merging to give way to a global village, business expansion is now reliant on learning new languages. Foreign language skills are vital in today’s global economy and speeds up overseas expansion of organizations. A work force which is adept in multiple languages has a higher chance of driving business opportunities to the company.

Why is language training important?

From sales pitches to customer service, linguistic skills can increase sales and improve existing customer relations. In a recent research, it has been studied that 70% of employees feel more confident in their work and interaction with team, business partners, investors etc. The research also lays down that a team which is proficient in foreign language saves more than 3 hours weekly which is otherwise lost in translating or trying to comprehend the language. Thus the confidence that the employees experience directly leads them to promotions and helps them climb the inward success ladder in no time.

Benefits of language training

  • Improved team work- While working with overseas clients, many a times we have seen the teams struggling with understanding the brief or lacking in client communication. This lacking also leads to internal disruption and missing on deadlines. Being conversant in the other language thus sorts everything out.
  • Increased business opportunities- Expand your business horizons and grow in another country. For example if you’re an Indian businessman then you have great opportunities in China. But in an unknown land like China, knowing the native language is of utmost importance.
  • Greater understanding of foreign cultures and business practices- When venturing out to another country for business, it is very important to understand the demography of the place. Understanding the cultural nexus of the place plays a great deal in setting up the business. This is where knowing the local language also comes into play
  • Improved customer service and client relations- Knowing the local language is crucial to succeeding in foreign markets. A company can’t serve diverse customers on a daily basis if one doesn’t understand each other. Most countries have multiple languages, and nuances in tone, pronunciation and delivery and everything adds up to affect how people perceive the message one wants to send.

Where can you seek training?
If you’re wondering where to seek the best training for your employees then Communiqua is your one point solution. We offer the best faculty with a personalized and professional training in Chennai. We cover a wide variety of languages which will not only boost the growth of your company but transcend horizons.

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