8 Best languages to Learn for Business Anywhere in the World
Tuesday July 30, 2019

The world is a global market and as we are inching towards an inclusive society the pressing need to grasp multiple foreign languages is surging. From professional networking and expanding your business to transport and travelling everything involves communication.

Many a times we have found ourselves clueless in a foreign land. To exemplify the statement, when an Indian entrepreneur visits China, he/she is mostly lost amidst the foreign language and culture. To navigate through the country, he/she might have to hire a translator which entails considerable cost. Therefore, knowing the language not only minimizes your cost but also helps you to understand the culture in a better way. This often puts to rest the pertinent question of, is learning a foreign language useful.

On an average there are more than 6,000 languages worldwide, and often picking the most critical language may seem like an ordeal. So while assessing your pick, one should be looking at the macro level business objectives, target audience and of course the business roadway.

Today, we will look at the global language players which can make a difference in your business.




As the maxim goes, English is often regarded as the language for the global citizen. English has been deemed as one of the most influential language and also the most widely spoken one. It is spoken by almost three-quarters of the world’s population. For many countries it is the official language as well. According to research around 949 million netizens communicate in this language.


2)Chinese Mandarin


The mandarin Chinese is the emerging player in the global business. There are approximately 983 million native speakers, while more than 1.2 billion people understand the Chinese dialect. It is also the second most popular language across netizens. The prolific growth at which the Asian market is growing, Chinese might soon supplant English. Also, the challenging nature which comes with Mandarin Chinese, it levels up the demand and at the same time casts a very positive impression amongst your clients.



The prominence of Spanish in the United States of America has been witnessing a surge in the past few decades. As unbelievable it might sound but nearly 37 million people speak Spanish as their natal language. Also, topping it all, the Hispanic population is projected to grow double by 2050 and this will garner traction to many businesses ranging from small to large.




The gateway to Middle Eastern countries where business opportunities are not only flourishing by growing in manifolds. The oil fields in these countries make it a breeding ground for lucrative business opportunities. The Arabic language is spoken by approximately 295 million speakers across the globe and is the official language of 28 countries including Africa. According to the British Council reports, Arabic is regarded as the ‘language of the future’.




We all know Germany is the technology hub. This language is important especially for engineers in core sectors like automobile who have great opportunities waiting at this country. There are more than 95 million native German speakers and a total of 210 million speakers worldwide. It is also the most populous state within EU and according to reports a German speaking employee stands a chance of 4% increase in salary than his other fellow colleagues.



French is the former English and is still believed to be the most sophisticated and classy language amongst the ones spoken within Europe. It is often considered the language of the intellectuals and erudite strata. It is the official language of 29 countries and is the second mostly widely spoken 1st language across European Union. It is also one of the UN’s six official languages.




The Japanese language is amongst the world’s 15 most spoken languages and has a whooping 124 million speakers who live in Japan and Okinawa island group. Japan has been in the forefront of cutting edge technology and electronic scene. Their mastery over robotics is unparalleled. Therefore, this country is the golden seat for those who want to pursue a career in robotics and academics pertaining to technology.




One of India’s official languages, it is the only common language in the entire country. In a country where there are 22 official languages pertaining to every region and state, Hindi is the only language that is most widely spoken and is believed to bridge the gap between the vast diversities. In spite of the tremendous intensification of Hindi very few students take up Hindi as a second language, this makes it even more competitive advantage for those who chose to learn it.


Therefore, the benefits of learning languages have become the epitome of furthering your business.  To learn various foreign languages visit our website.

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