The Importance Of Foreign Languages For A Global Citizen
Friday August 2, 2019

Imagine, you are walking down a beautiful country road in the south of France, someone passes by; smiles at you and says, “Une belle journee!”, how wonderful a thought it is to stop and have a conversation with this person in his own country. How remarkable is it to know; and to have had mastered command and precision over a  foreign language. Now is the time, today is the day where the world is truly the proverbial oyster for a global citizen to thrive in. Be it for work or pleasure, every part of the world is now accessible to you.


Language through the ages has been seasoned and is definitely nuanced. It is the only factor upon which nearly every country’s growth, economy and harmony rests.  Dating back in history, language played a vital role in nation building as well. A glaring example of which is our neighboring country; Bangladesh.


To know more than a few languages is not only an asset that can help in your professional life but also when it comes to travelling, for educational purposes, it widens job prospects that are not only admirable but also quite exciting.

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Let’s take the exciting example of hosting a travel show. We’ve always admired the super luxurious lives of the travel anchors on our favorite travel and living shows. The effortless mingling with the locals, going on an adventure spree with them and laughing till your tummies ache. Language was never a barrier for them. It was the ease which made us swoon and also triggered a sigh, “only if I knew their language so well”.


With the global market knit so closely nowadays, communication has become an integral part in the corporate world. To be able to communicate effectively with anyone across the globe is equally integral for success. Therefore, knowing the language would also give that added bonus.


Just as knowing how to use a computer or a smart phone has become a part and parcel of our daily lives, knowing multiple languages is also slowly becoming vital in our day to day lives. An average person in India knows a minimum of three languages today; which was not the case about two decades ago, thus we can only expect this necessity to increase in the forthcoming years.This is why a strong grasp on foreign languages is an incredible asset to have.

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