The Step by Step Guide for Every Beginner French Learner in Chennai
Wednesday March 6, 2019

7 easy ways to master English Language: The ultimate guide for beginners

Are you facing a hard time in understanding and comprehending French language? Do you want to improve your writing skills for work or for an examination?
Learning French can be really scary and daunting but there are great ways to make the process fun.

1. Reading a variety of French –English books
Reading is the best way to improve your language and gain an understanding of how sentences are structured and how words are used to enhance words and meanings. You can start with the elite books of your interest and move to more advanced topics.. The best way to gain motivation is by randomly picking up a book of your choice and read a chapter or two.

2. Reading French newspapers and online newspaper websites
After social media stepped in, newspapers and online news media are not of a great use. By reading a newspaper article you can focus on a small piece of writing and learn from it too .

3. Having a journal /writing a diary
Keep a small notepad at all times to jot down new words where ever you are. This can help you in reviewing later. A diary forces you to write down thoughts and events each day and build sentences and paragraphs in your own words. This is good practice and as you begin to improve the diary you can review and reflect on your progress.

4. Using French language CD’s/blogs
Write down the sentences you hear and use the pause button to give you time to think and recreate the sentence on paper. If you listen to the radio or watch TV, there is not a pause button to process all the incoming information. Get French audio cd’s where you can hit pause to process the information and rewind to repeat words and phrases missed. French doesn’t have many different forms of the same word. This is important to know when constructing letters or writing an essay.

5. Having a French- English dictionary & cue cards
Get in the habit of having your French- English dictionary, with Thesaurus, to look up words at any time. We do not recommend relying too heavily on the dictionary but it is a good resource especially when starting out. Cue cards are great for quick referencing words or phrases that you have a mental block with.

6. Brainstorming foreign words and dialects
Brainstorm foreign words then put them together. You can do this alone or in a group. Putting random words together is a test of your creativity and imagination too. Make a reference guide if necessary to refer and to keep in mind what punctuation is required when writing.

7. Using post notes
For many people sticking up post notes all around the home is a great way to memorise key words of items or just general reminders. For instance, if you love to bake or cook then, why not create your own recipe card collection? Write down recipes from French cooking websites and instructions to yourself on the baking process.

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