5 Ways to Help Your Employees Ace Any Foreign Language
Thursday August 29, 2019

Foreign language skills are increasingly becoming important. In today’s times knowing an additional language like French, Spanish, German or Mandarin, increases the value of an employee. Language barriers curbs productivity. Although English may be the global language, but in global companies employees are required to communicate with clients in different countries. Hence language training requirement is also growing.

Hence, organisations should come forward and create an environment where employees will get excited to learn a new language. A place where they can grow individually and as a team too. Listed below is some language teaching methodology:


1)Know the strength and weakness: Knowledge about the areas of interests and their backgrounds will help in training the employees effectively. The first thing that employers should asses is what type of training needs to be given of a particular employee. Then, one needs to find out which are the subjects that interests them. These will help in arranging for the correct training for the team.

2)Creating a schedule: This is one of the most important steps. Employers must create a schedule that’s realistic and one that’s achievable. If employees are asked to devote more time after or before work, it might not be suitable for them. It is important to keep in mind that language training should be made exciting and not an unnecessary obligation.

3)Availability of multiple platforms: Most of the times, hectic work schedules make it difficult for employees to take out time to learn a foreign language. Organisations should ensure study materials are available across platforms. For companies who do not use a foreign language module to teach, they should provide their employees with the information of resources that are available online. The more the options shall be available to the employees, the more they will find it interesting to learn.

4)Recall and follow up: For organisations, job does not end with imparting language training. For mastering the skills, employees need to retain and use the knowledge within the company. Arrange for mock-up presentations or speech /meeting sessions wherein the employees get to speak up. They will boost their confidence and keep them engaged.

5)Providing recognition: Organisations can create a system of incentives or other recognition methods. This will not only motivate the employees but ensure continuous progress too. Companies can offer financial incentives, give recognition in the office, provide them with treats or gift coupons , etc. Incentives always provide an extra boost. It keeps employees motivated and excited too.


Professional development of employees is always a boon for companies. Language training, specially, offers huge benefits . Get in touch with Communiqua in order to devise a perfect training module that would align with the goals and requirements of your company.

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