How to be fluent in a foreign language in 3 months?
Wednesday April 17, 2019

Is 3 months enough to learn a new language? What are the tricks that help to achieve that goal? These are the few questions that lurks in the minds of every foreign language enthusiast. After all, the ‘tongue of the land’ is the most potent tool at their disposal. Language helps to connect with the locals, manoeuvre cultures and conservations and most importantly get the authentic flavour of a place. So let’s quickly explore some handy tips that help in mastering any foreign language within a record span of 3 months:

1. Speak it out: Remember how your grammar teacher would ask you to repeat the correct pronunciation of difficult English words almost like a chant! To master any language, it is important to practice speaking right from day one. You might fumble and mispronounce in the beginning. But if you keep at it, it will take just a couple of months to speak fluently.

2. Start with what matters: For any new language, it is crucial to start with practical day to day words and phrases eg ‘ATM where?’, ‘What is the price’ etc. It will not only help you communicate your basic needs but also boost your confidence. Additionally, you will be able to navigate through a new foreign place on your own.

3. Tweak your media: Listen to local media more. Be it television, radio or music. Get into the habit of steaming foreign language in your entertainment hours. This will tune your ears to the nuances of the language. TuneIn is a brilliant repository of radio stations from across the globe.

4. Befriend a native speaker. With internet now at your finger: tips, go skyping with a native speaker. It will help you get the tones, expressions and intonations right. You can also look up at various language learning free services available online.

5. Go Grammar easy: Focus on the basic vocabulary and common phrases. Grammatical perfection can follow. Worrying too much about the rules and conventions of grammar takes away the natural flow of the language making it formidable to learn.

6. A one min intro: Nothing beats the pleasure of introducing yourself in the tongue of the land. Language experts believe that this is a powerful technique to learn a number of important phrases, vocabularies in one go. So, get ready to learn a 1 min intro to yourself.

7. Practice is the key: Its possible to reach B2 level of language proficiency provided you put in a lot of practice every day. Experts believe if you put in 1-2 hours of effort every day you can learn a language in 1 year. So now you can assess how much commitment is needed to master a language in 3 months’ time

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