How to overcome fear of speaking any new language
Monday November 25, 2019

Anxiety about speaking a foreign language is usually rooted to the fear of failure or of being negatively evaluated. It reduces our brain’s ability to process language in real time. With the added complexity of using new vocabulary and grammar, we may feel our brain shutting down. However, there are certain ways to overcome the fear of speaking a new language.

As we all know the key to master fluency in any language begins with good listening practices. When we are relatively new to a language, we will not understand many words. Working on our listening ability with foreign language media will always help our speaking, as it hugely improves the vocabulary and pronunciation.

Another important thing about speaking any new language is that it will be difficult when it comes to regular conversations even if we are used to listening to spoken media in the language we are learning. This is due to the complex processes of listening, understanding and formulating a response that happen all at the same time during conversations. So it’s advisable to take the necessary time during a conversation. Remember slow is steady and steady eventually makes it fast.

It’s highly improbable that one will speak a new language fluently without speaking a broken version of it first. The sooner we start talking in the language we are learning, the sooner we will reach a conversational level. Hence it’s important not to hold back and to speak freely without trying to be perfect. It is noteworthy in this regard that one-on-one conversations are always easier than conversing in a group.

Many of the same conversations will come up again and again in everyday life, while living in a foreign country. Whether we are ordering food or drinks, shopping in a supermarket, or asking for directions, it’s very likely that our conversations will stick to the same routine. In case we are lacking confidence in the language we are learning, these conversations are a great way to experience interaction in the language, thus increasing our ability to speak it.

Lastly, it always gets easier when we speak more than one language. Once we have learned a foreign language to a conversational level, the initial fear and anxiety will not be there while learning another. It will be the same drill of learning new words again, but the confidence will be higher and the readiness greater.

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