5 interesting facts about Spanish
Friday August 28, 2020

Languages from around the world always have an interesting story to offer. Just when we thought that we know everything about the language, we discover an interesting fact! Language is a vast ocean where there are zillions of anecdotes and tales waiting to be unraveled. Today we will learn some interesting facts about Spanish.

Spanish is a global language and spoke by millions. The language has been on the rise and is gaining popularity amongst other nations too. With a rich legacy of culture and heritage to offer, Spanish is a beautiful language. Today it is one of the most important languages for business alliance. But Spanish has a lot of hidden treasures and mind boggling trivias. Let’s give wings to your curiosity.

1. Over 400 million people speak Spanish

Spanish is the native language of around 400-450 million people, making it the world’s second most spoken language. Spanish secures the second position after Chinese and surpasses English in its number of speakers.

2. There are 21 countries that have Spanish as the official language

Spanish enjoys official language status in 21 countries across Europe, Africa, Central, South and North America, making it a global language. In these countries all official correspondence and documents are executed in Spanish. Spanish is also used in schools to teach the curricula. Many international companies and organizations, including the United Nations, have adopted Spanish as one of their official languages.

3. Spanish has Latin origins

The Spanish language derives from a particular type of spoken Latin. This dialect developed in the central-northern region of the Iberian Peninsula following the 5th-century demise of the
Western Roman Empire. It was subsequently adopted by the Spanish Empire and, just as importantly, in the Spanish colonies established on the American continents.

4. Spanish has two names: Castellano and Español

Spanish speakers often refer to their language as español as well as castellano, which is the Spanish word for “Castilian.”

5. Arabic influenced Spanish

Arab armies started to conquer the Iberian Peninsula in 711, bringing Arabic art, architecture and language to the region. Arabic gradually mixed with old Spanish to become the language spoken today.

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