Chinese Is Not As Hard As You Think
Tuesday August 6, 2019

Have you ever proposed your plan of learning Chinese to a friend and get bombed with questions like is Chinese language difficult to learn? Will you be able to even pronounce it? Isn’t it extremely difficult to write? If this is relatable, then you’re reading the right article.
Today, we will solve the toughest equation and delineate why Chinese isn’t that hard as you think.

There isn’t any such thing called the most difficult language in the world. Before concluding that a certain language is extremely difficult or unpronounceable, there are a lot of factors that comes into play and should be considered first. Learning French is easier for a Spanish or Italian native speaker than it is for Germans, whereas on the other hand, learning Dutch or Norwegian would be easier for a German than for a Spaniard.
Mandarin Chinese has thousands of characters and strange tones which make people think it is a difficult language and might take up a lifetime to learn it. But here’s an interesting list which makes mandarin Chinese easier to learn than English.

1)No verb conjugation:
In most of the languages the verb changes with the subject, but in Chinese there are any verb inflections. There are some particles that change the function of verbs, but there ain’t any long list which requires memorization. For example, if you know how to say 看 (kàn) “look”, you can use it for any person referring to any period of time and it will still look the same.

2)No grammatical cases:
In English, the grammar of the sentence often depends on the subject and predicate. For example in English, ‘he talks to her’ is right where as ‘him talks to she’ is wrong. But this doesn’t matter in Chinese. 我 (wǒ) “I, me” is used in any situation referring to myself in any way. The only exception would be plural “we”, which has an extra suffix. In Chinese nouns don’t matter.

3)No parts of speech:
In English this is very important but Chinese this doesn’t matter, even the slightest. In Chinese it could be represented in a single verb which incorporates the meaning of the various parts of speech.

4)No gender:
The hardest in any language is gender. In French, German and even in English gender plays a very big role. But in Chinese none of it makes a difference, everything can be pronounced the same way irrespective of the gender.

5)Logical number system:
They have a very logical sense of counting every number and unlike many other languages. For example, in Chinese 11 is “10 1”, 250 is “2 100 5 10” and 9490 is “9 1000 400 9 10”.


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