3 Benefits of learning a foreign language, you should know about NOW!
Friday July 19, 2019


We often come across the phrase, the world is getting smarter or we are all global citizens. While the world is coming closer, it is must that we update our knowledge of world languages. Today, many of us are pursuing higher studies in Asian, European, Australian and American countries.  Thus, it justifies the question does learning foreign language help?



To build a constructive and sustainable career it is important that we pursue right education from right institutes. A degree from abroad universities not only exposes you to an array of cultures but also places you on a pedestal. The subject you’re interested in or the university you have been eyeing for a while now might be in a country whose language is unknown to you. In such a juncture what should you do? Would you let your dreams rest?  Obviously no! Thus, you strive to learn the language and pave the path for a bright future.


New Job opportunities:

Being fluent in more than one language opens up multiple doors and amplifies your chances of being hired. In positions such as marketing, transportation, administration, public relations, tourism, and varied other fields, a bilingual person stands greater chances of being recognized and picked. Due to globalization, there might be an estimated rise of 42% in demands for translators and interpreters. Therefore, knowing multiple languages is turning into an asset.


Higher Pay:

Learning a foreign language for a career not only advances your visibility but also gives a boost to your salary. When compared with a monolingual person, a bilingual or a multilingual person can climb up the success ladder in no time. Employees who have proficiency in various languages are preferred across all corporate jobs. Even for government jobs in an embassy or as diplomats, a multilingual person is labeled with a higher price tag than the rest of his colleagues.

Therefore, it is just to say that learning a foreign language for a career is the best decision one can pursue and also ushers you with a fulfilling life.


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