How to juggle your career and learning a new language
Tuesday August 13, 2019

It’s not easy to take out time from a busy schedule and accommodate another task, that too a language learning course! But what if we tell you that it’s perfectly possible? Sounds bizarre? Well quite no. With a little creativity, you can win the world then why not adjust language learning skills.

Today, learning a foreign language has become increasingly important and it’s about time you learn a foreign language. In our earlier articles we have delved deep into the importance of learning various languages for expanding your business, for travel, to higher education, so on and so forth. But today we will discuss a very important tenet of language courses and that is how to juggle your already established career and a foreign language course.

1)Listen and learn-
Do you always listen to music while working? If yes then you’re on a roll. There are various short listening courses which tutor you on elementary language skills. Just plug in while working and within no time you can learn basic words. Not only while working, but you can listen and take up these courses while driving, walking to the mall, washing dishes, cooking, walking your dog and doing practically everything else.

2)Throw words everywhere-
Try using the new words you have learnt everywhere. Keeping a running narrative around the world helps you in remembering it and revising it time and again. It also gives you a chance to review the grammatical structures and build fluency by keeping a running monologue. Waiting in line? Try narrating the situation in your own mind and maybe cook up stories about them! (using your inner voice–not out loud, of course!).

3)Write on the go-
One of the best tricks to learn any language is to start a language learning notebook and make it your amigo! If you’re already keeping a vocabulary book, all the better–just block off a section you can use to start building your written fluency while you’re on the move.

4)Take up the class, don’t procrastinate!
It is not a big deal to squeeze some time during weekends or after office to learn a new language that will boost your career ten times. All you need is a little push and a lot of motivation which surely this article has given you by now. So, good luck!

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