Best movies that will help you learn French
Tuesday October 1, 2019

Are you a movie buff and panning to learn a foreign language with the help of films? Well, that’s a brilliant idea. Watching movies doesn’t only acquaint you with the culture but also helps you get a grasp over the language. Now this isn’t an affair reserved only for the natives!

Movies help you understand colloquial French words and phrases easily. It also lets you get familiarized with the lifestyle and expressions in French. The intonation is also important while trying to learn from movies. Another good reason why it is enjoyable to watch films as a way of learning French is that it enables you to fine-tune your listening skills. It provides you the edge that you need to adapt when faced with various speeds and accent you will come across in real life.

In an age where global reception is much appreciated, foreign language films are making way to every screen. There are tons of award winning French films which are a must watch for every French language learner. So here are some the best French movies for beginners.

which is also called “Le fabuleux Destin d’Amelie Poulain is a romantic comedy that depicts the present-day whimsical Parisian life. The movie was set in Montmartre and is about a shy waitress who goes on a quest to change people’s lives positively around her while she is struggling to cope with her isolation.


A movie that broke every box office record across Europe post its release in France. The film is based on a real account of friendship existing between two people.

Le Scaphandre et le papillon:

Known as the Divine Bell and Butterfly in English, this biographical movie and its storyline were based on the memoir of Jean Bauby and how his life changes after suffering from a devastating stroke that put him under a deplorable condition called “Locked-in syndrome.”


known as Hidden is a French psychological thriller describes the life of an upper-class couple who are frequently frightened and terrorized by unnamed tapes that mysteriously made their way to their front porch. It reminds them of the husband’s (George) early childhood memories.

Amour (2012) :
Amour which means love in French is a beautiful love and is a utopian or the best-case scenario portrayal for any marriage. This film is about an elderly female music teacher and her husband in 80s, whose life gets torn apart by her stroke. The movie is full of the most profound emotions which is mightily expressive.

So get yourself rolling, chilling and having a fun time watching these movies and learning French!

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