Why should parents learn foreign languages too?
Monday June 8, 2020

Today the world is moving at a rapid pace and it is necessary to keep with growing times. While trying to match steps there are countless things which goes unnoticed or gets missed out. One such thing is learning. We have often heard parents complaining about their child’s education and the lack of a holistic understanding of it. Various researches conducted across the globe and time spectrum has proved that a child learns faster and better from a parent than an external source.

So, today we will discuss the importance of parents learning foreign languages and in-turn teaching their kids. This will not only help in enhancing your personal knowledge but also help your kid in grasping a new language with much ease and fluency.

Earlier the start, better it is. Every infant is born with the ability to mimic the sounds. By the time a baby is about 10 months old, he/she begins to recognize the range of sounds to those that he/she hears around him. So if you want your child to learn a second language, it’s best to introduce it in the first year of life.

Monitoring the learning process. If you’re well versed with the language then it becomes easier for you to keep a check on your child’s learning process and better it wherever required.

Conversing with your kid. If you can speak the language fluently then you can converse with your child. This will help him/her to pick up the language much faster and easier.

Optimum growth of the brain. Children who are bilingual are considered to be sharper and adept with multi-tasking. They can also focus better on any task and execute it with much precision.

Making travel fun! How many times have you sighed not knowing the language in a foreign land? Well, many times! If you’re traveling with your child and if both of you end up in a country whose language you’re fluent with then it’s a bonus point!

Language dissolves borders and broadens your horizon. Language has always proved to spread more love and warmth. Let your child grow up in a more inclusive and connected world where language doesn’t pose a barrier.

Take up these points as your priority if you want your child to learn a foreign language fluently. For more information visit our website and browse through various online and offline language courses.

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