Relevance and Importance of Hindi in Today’s World
Tuesday December 15, 2020

Amongst the 22 official languages Hindi is the most widely spoken language in India and second in the world. With over 500 million people speaking this language, Hindi has acquired the second position after Mandarin Chinese.

Hindi at present is heavily influenced by the Sankritization approach carried by the Indian Government after the Partition of 1947. Hindi, in its original form prior to Independence, shared a considerable degree of similarity with Urdu. Hindi and Urdu were often referred together as a single entity titled “Hindustani”, along with several other languages like Awadhi, Bagheli, Bihari (and its dialects), Rajasthani (and its dialects) and Chhatisgarhi. However, the approach advocated in virtually every educational institution and medium of public information, employs a Sanskrit-oriented language developed by Indian scholars along the lines of the Varanasi dialect.

The popularity of Hindi started emerging with Bollywood. The present day Hindi is mostly a consequence of the modernization owing to the film industry of India. Hindi songs, poems, hymns became popular and were adopted and sung by the rest of the country. Also due to mobilization of North Indians into different provinces Hindi started travelling throughout the county. Today Hindi is spoken widely throughout the country and is often considered as the connecting language because of its ease and connectivity.

In terms of business and tourism Hindi has been established as the language with connects with the world. Tourists and tourist guides find it easier to communicate in Hindi and sometimes in English (mostly in the southern states).
Today Hindi is recognized globally and is attributed to Indian culture and one of the significant Indian languages. Therefore, to speed up growth in business or to travel the country, learning Hindi will be beneficial in multiple respects.

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