Learn to say ‘Yes’ in 6 different languages
Friday August 9, 2019

We’ve always admired those countless fairy-tale weddings which ended with a yes. That’s what we called a happy ending. Yes has for a long time surged our happiness quotient.

John C. Maxwell once wrote, Learn to say no to the good so you can say yes to the best.
The word yes implies agreement universally. In most cases yes has a positive connotation and is one of the most important words of our life. But have we ever paused to wonder the ease of pronouncing this word? Yes! Inspite of being a valued and important word, it is the easiest to pronounce.

Today, in this article we will learn different ways to say yes in different languages.

The sweetest of all, yes is in Spanish. Si is the Spanish counterpart of English Yes.
The easiest yes in a foreign language is probably in German. The word ja make it the fastest and easiest to grasp.
The language of the elite. When you’re in the land of the intellectuals, saying yes for communicating becomes primary. Yes in French is oui.
Don’t fret out when you’re in the unknown land of China. You might often find yourself helpless but this short guide will help you learn the foreign language fast, or atleast say yes! In Chinese yes is pronounced as shì de. It’s not that scary, isn’t it?
Hai! Yes that’s how simple it is. Japanese is one of the emerging languages in Eastern and South Eastern Asia owing to their great technological advancements.
This language has become the gateway to all the Middle Eastern countries and has gained considerable importance over the years. So learning yes when you’re visiting the land of riches and oil is mandatory. In Arabic yes is naäam.

Well, now that we have learnt how to speak one of the most important word in our dictionary in various languages, you can definitely go and win the world! Or if you are interested in any other language, fear not and visit us at Communiqua to find more language options!

Buena suerte!

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