Learn to say ‘Thank you’ in French, German and Chinese!
Tuesday July 9, 2019

One of the sweetest expression in any language is that of gratitude. And how do we express ‘gratitude’?

Well, we say ‘Thank You’. Thank you is something that is an instant ice breaker even between cross-cultural strangers. How about learning to say ‘Thank you’ in the three most favourite languages in the world right here, right now? Exciting right! French, Germany, and Chinese dominate as the most widely spoken languages in the world. Let’s learn the simple ways to say ‘thank you’ in each of these languages.


A simple merci is enough to draw a smile from the polite Frenchs. Time to explore the power of ‘merci’ by exploring the vocabulary related to thanking:

remercier to thank
un merci a thank you
un remerciement the act of thanking
Les Remerciements The Thanks
Reconnaissant (e) de thankful;grateful
Avec reconnaissance thankfully;with gratefulness
Soulagé (e) thankful;relieved
Avec soulagement thankfully;with a sense of relief
Ingrat(e) Ungrateful
Action de grâce (use in Canada) thanksgiving/the act of giving thanks


But what if a simple ‘merci’ is not enough? Sometimes you do need to walk that extra mile to thank better in exchange of a great favour. Let’s learn how to do that?


Merci beaucoup thank you very much
mille mercis a thousand thanks
merci mille fois thank you so much
Mille fois merci thanks a thousand times
Merci infiniment thank you so much
Un grand merci big thanks
C’est gentil de ta part that’s kind of you (informal)
c’est vraiment gentil de votre part that’s really kind of you (formal)


From ‘merci’ to ‘danke’, Let’s explore the nuances of thanking in our second favorite language.


‘Danke’ is the most informal way of thanking in German which is deemed appropriate for most situations. Let’s explore how to thank in other ways in German.

Ich danke Ihnen Thank You
Danke sehr Thank You Very Much
Ich bin dir dankbar I’m thankful to you
Ich möchte mich recht herzlich bedanken I would like to thank you sincerely
Danke, gleichfalls Thank you,the same to you


Now coming to the most widely spoken Asian language:



The simplest of all is 谢谢 (xiè xiè) — Thank you. This is the most straight forward way of saying “thank you” in passing, while accepting gifts or every other casual encounter in between.
Some variations of the phrase includes 多谢 (duō xiè) — thanks a lot. A useful phrase specially for texters. It’s appropriate for casual spoken conversations as well, like when you have received some favour.
感谢! (gǎn xiè!) — Many thanks! or 非常感谢你! (fēi cháng gǎn xiè nǐ!) — Thank you very much! can be used for sombre situations where you want to express some serious gratitude. This is perfect for semi-formal interactions.

You can ‘thank’ us later, but don’t forget to explore communiqua to learn more such everyday words in the foreign language of your choice.

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