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Wednesday September 11, 2019

Did you know reading English is twice difficult than reading any other foreign language? So if you’re English speaking native then congratulations! You are halfway through with patience. Reading in whatever language would any day be easier than reading English. Research shows English-speaking learners take more time to learn to read as opposed to children who speak most other European languages. Surprised? Well, that’s the reality!

Now let’s understand how we can better of reading skills thereby improving our grasp over the language. There are a few strategies which if adopted, will make this process easier. Let’s take a look at a few effective ones and learn to read a foreign language easily.

1. Choose your read carefully-

Most learners feel lazy to read, but that’s the only way through which you can get a holistic knowledge of the language. So it is important to keep a check on what you’re reading. We can categorize your writing into two sections; academic and non-academic. From academic write-ups, you can get a fair idea of the grammar and other rules that follow. From a non-academic write up which can be newspapers, magazines, storybooks, etc, you can get well acquainted with the everyday jargons and a more casual way of speaking.

2. Complete your pre-reading-

Once you’ve pinned down on what to read, do a quick reading of the summary of the article. This helps you get a hang of what you’re reading and not get lost midway. You can also do reference reading before reading your designated piece which helps in better understanding of you’re about to read. These techniques help create a context for what you’re about to read, a hang of the words, phrases, and sentences, and ultimately to understand them.

3. Improve your vocabulary-

Well this is the hardest but the most important part of language learning. A strong vocabulary can further your learning and simplify it. Vocabulary is always a constant in the struggle to read proficiently. So the best you can do is underline any unknown word and look up the dictionary later without being lazy. But the exercise doesn’t stop here. To strengthen your recall value, make a small dictionary of yours. Take note of every unknown word you come across and also their usage in your notebook. Go through them every day till you learn their usage fluently.

4. Complement your reading with other learning techniques-

Try to use the words that you have learned after practicing the 3rd exercise. It is important to understand the usage of the newly acquired knowledge and the best is to converse. Apart from speaking, you can also join fun activities like joining a book club which will not only enhance your knowledge but also help you socialize with locals which in turn will maximize your results and help you learn the foreign language easily.

Well, these were a few tips to improve your reading skills and developing the understanding of the language. For more information visit Communiqua. Happy learning!

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