Top languages to learn for Indian students
Wednesday April 17, 2019

“Learn a language and you will avoid war”- ancient Arab adage
The depth of this simple proverb takes us to colossal importance of language literacy in maintaining world prosperity. Especially in the Indian where we enjoy robust international relations with almost every major economy, knowing foreign languages immensely help in manoeuvring through cultures, value system and the ethos that those countries represent. But when it comes to foreign language where do we start? Which language should we pick first? Easy. Always pick the one that’s the easiest.

Take a look at the list of languages that are the easiest especially for Indian students:

1. German
Do you know there are broad strokes of Sanskrit in German? It is definitely easier to be a Germanophone if you are a Sanskrit lover. Being well versed in Latin, Greek and French also helps.

2. Persian
With significant lexical Urdu influences, Persian remains your next great pick. In fact, its interesting to note how often we use Persian expressions quite unknowingly in our Indian conversations. Ever uttered ‘Khosha Amadid’? The Mughal experience in the Indian topography is responsible for this linguistic assimilation- another reason to be grateful of. Interestingly, Persian also exhibits interesting influences of Arabic and Irani.

3. Nepali
Nepali is spoken rampantly in the hilly regions of Sikkim, Darjeeling and upper Bihar. It is one of the easiest languages to learn specially for east Indians. With lexical similarities with Hindi and Bengali, it would take not more than a month-long crash course to master Nepali. If you know Pahari languages especially Magahi you are already one step ahead.

4. Sinhalese
Moving our attention to southern part of India, one language that pops out as a favourite is Sinhalese. It is the native language of the largest ethnic group in Sri Lanka. Very similar to Pali, the language is significantly close to Dravidian languages like Tamil.

5. Romance languages
If you are fluent in English which most Indians are nowadays, romance languages like Spanish, Portuguese, French, Italian and Romanian will be an easy bet. In fact once you start exploring these languages through literature classics and movies, you can almost pinpoint how much English is influenced by them in terms of phonetics or loanwords. No wonder, many Indian schools are introducing Spanish and French in their regular curricula.

6. Malay
Do you know the official language of Malaysia, Malay is a concoction of Sanskrit, Hindi, Tamil, Dutch, Portuguese, English and even Chinese? Yes, that’s precisely why it sounds so familiar. If you are looking for a language you can learn the quickest go for Malay.

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