Why Engineers Should Learn A Foreign Language
Monday March 23, 2020

With the world coming closer and economies turning into global, it would be wrong to assume English as the only link language. Learning a new language is therefore always a smart move. And young minds which can grasp better, it is always a sound decision to learn another foreign language as a backup.

It is good to start learning another foreign language at a budding age, preferably while your pursuing your grad school. With good time management it is possible to juggle both the things and by the time you’re a graduate, you would be ahead of the curve. Thus, being multilingual will keep you a step ahead in campus placements as well.

Which Language?

Now the question is which language to choose. This obviously depends on your interest and also the country you wish to relocate too. But alongside the popularity, economics and ease also matters. Before choosing a language it is important to do a basic research, this will help you move in the right direction and give your career the required boost.

Talking about this, let us briefly touch upon the languages which have gained popularity in recent past. Mandarin Chinese has been gaining a lot of traction and currently it is the most popular language in the world. This is followed by the BRICs (Brazil, Russia and India) nations which are catching up with the rising economies. The European nations are also listed amongst the top popular language chart, for example German and Spanish. These two languages are demanded by the global players and having knowledge of German and Spanish gives you leverage at every work place.

How to juggle!

Learning a new language requires a great deal of discipline, but considering the hectic schedule of an engineering student, it often becomes difficult to juggle both. There a few basic and easy way out to learn foreign language. One of the best way is to watch foreign movies with subtitles. This is a great tool in learning the basics of a language and also gestures and body language associated with the same.

You can also maintain a phrase book where you can note the various words that you come across and later look up on the same for further clarity.

If you’re residing in the country and want to learn their language then the best way is to interact with locals.

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