7 Reasons why learning a Foreign language is important for kids
Tuesday May 5, 2020

Many researchers have conducted various surveys across societies and time spectrum to understand why it is an absolute necessary for children to learn another foreign language. Researchers in UK have found out that around 1404% of the world population speak Mandarin whereas only 1.1% of the population in UK knows conversational Mandarin. Experts say that because of this lacking, there are many jobs and opportunities which are going unnoticed.
Also, bilingual and multilingual children have better cognitive skills than monolingual children. They have
recorded better performance in various situations. So, let us look at 7 important reasons why children
should learn another foreign language.

1. The world is turning into a global entity. With digitization and the virtual medium getting
stronger every day, the world is now connected. So if youngsters are planning on a career, they ought to consider this point and start working towards it.

2. Better problem solving and cognitive abilities. Children who are multilingual have better problem-solving skills and also exposes them to seek different approaches to solve a problem.

3. Confidence Booster. The more language experience you have, the more it will boost your confidence. If you are confident in two or more languages then you will have the conversation experience and the social skills to talk to co-workers and new customers/clients.

4. Improved Cognitive Abilities. Learning a foreign language in early life can fetch you higher
academic achievement and test scores. It improves cognitive abilities and influences achievement in other areas, resulting in higher test scores in reading and math.

5. Increase the probability of a job. If you want to get a job and someone has all the same
qualifications as you but also knows another language, it is highly likely that they will get the job,not you. So it’s best to take the safe bet and educate yourself in another language.

6. Better understanding of other cultures and connecting with people that speak other languages.
Bilingualism allows for cross-cultural communication.

7. Better career opportunities. In today’s global world, the ability to communicating in more than
one language is increasingly becoming an essential skill. It helps you scale up the success ladder in no time.

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