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Given our vast experience is conducting mid-to-large scale corporate trainings with several SMB and MNC sector partnerships, we claim ourselves at being one of the best Japanese classes in Chennai.

Companies and organizations are hiring employees with added skills of communication. Globalisation provides trade between different countries and this creates a need for knowing foreign languages for better communication which is why knowing a foreign language has become trend.Japanese language has gained international interest and popularity.

This is especially true in case of MNC’s who come across japanese counterparts in some or the other way for the expansion of their business.

We provide on-premise and in-house Japanese language corporate trainings in Chennai. Our course materials are time-tested to work efficiently with corporate needs and offer time-bound delivery of employee results.

Why learn Japanese?

Japan has the 2nd largest economy in the world.

Japan is a prosperous country and has the most diverse economy in Asia. With a GDP of $4.9 trillion in 2005, Japan’s economy is 2nd only to that of the U.S. The leading Japanese companies are among the largest, most efficiently run, and most well-known firms in the world.

Spoken Japanese

Learning to read, write and talk in a new language is time is faster to understand Spoken Japanese. Spoken Japanese is the best option for communication purposes or in case of immediate travel. The spoken Japanese course at communiqua is a faster way to learn the language. We have standardised methods of teaching the language at a faster pace which involves in knowing the basics of the Japanese language.

Knowing Japanese brings business opportunities.

Being able to communicate with potential customers in their own language is key to winning their business. In addition, when you learn Japanese, you become not only proficient in the language but also gain an insider view of the culture. Understanding the Japanese work ethic, their business etiquette, and knowing which cultural faux pas to avoid can often make or break an important business deal.

The Japanese are innovators.

Considering that Japan is geographically isolated island nation that is densely populated and poor in natural resources makes the strength of the Japanese economy seem even more impressive. The Japanese have relied on their creativity and scientific know-how to succeed not only economically but also in ecology- and effiency-oriented ways. The Japanese are known as high tech leaders in fields such as optical media, semiconductor manufacturing, industrial robotics, and fermentation processes. Their drive for innovation has made the Japanese the world leaders in patent filings at 420,000 applications annually.

Group classes

Communiqua provides group classes that create a fertile teaching environment and lets like-minded people meet. Learning in a group motivates interactions and sharing of knowledge with one another which will give you a fast track to learning a new language.Read More »

Exam Tutoring

The early years of age are the developing stage and it is always better to learn a language at that period. it also gives you time to develop and enhance your skills. Read More »

Corporate Training/ Placement Support (on completion of 3 levels)

Given our vast experience is conducting mid-to-large scale corporate trainings with several SMB and MNC sector partnerships, we claim ourselves at being one of the best Japanese classes in Chennai. Read More »

Interpretation and Translation

We understand that some may feel the need for personal attention which is why communiqua has private tuitions for Japanese language. In private tuitions, we aim at doing our best in helping you understand and formulate the best teaching methods for you. Read More  »

What Our Students Say about us

  • I have done my schooling and do not have a graduation degree. i felt the need to do some course that will help me get a job so I did an advanced Japanese language course at communiqua and today I work as a translator for a large company affiliated with a Japanese company. I am glad that I invested my time and money at communiqua. The group members were helpful and I learnt many things during my course at communiqua. The used simplified teaching methods and it became easier to understand.

  • I was a student here in Chennai. My company had me shifted to our branch in japan. Before shifting to japan it was very important to know the Japanese language. I joined the spoken Japanese course at communiqua. It helped me learn Japanese in a short period of time. After completing my course I could communicate in the Japanese language fluently. My experience with communiqua was amazing. The course was well organised.