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Introduction and Importance of French Language

Descending from the roots of Roman language and nick named as Romance language, French is the official language in 29 countries, ranking next to English as a language spoken in all five continents. Being the second most wide spoken language in Europe, French has a strong foot in literature and commerce, making it an international language for communication. Be it for taking a next step in your career ladder or for quenching the thirst to learn a new culture, be it for travelling purpose or for studying abroad, be it a grounding base to learn other languages or for enhancing international relations, there are always a number of reasons to learn French.

With more than 20 dialects, learning French correctly with right knowledge of grammar and vast vocabulary is important. Although a lot of websites on internet will guide in learning French, it beats the personal learning and discussion of ideas and questions. For example, ‘bonjour’, which means hello/good day, is pronounced as bohn-zhooh. When greeting a person ‘bonjour’ or ‘bonsoir’, it is important to shake hands, greeting each person individually even if they are in group. So many strings attached for a greeting! That’s French for you.

Group Classes for levels – French

These classes in sync with the guidelines laid down by CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) Being a phonetic language necessitates French learning with proper accent and pronunciation. Communiqua, through its French Language Training Course, eases the challenges you are faced with while learning a new language. Tailor-made to suit your needs with a blend of self-paced learning, our language training course is sure to equip you with necessary skills and confidence to have a conversation in French apart from giving you a rich cultural insight.Read More about (Group Classes for levels) »

French for Kids

Learning is hard and boring. That’s what kids think. When an adult loses interest and gets tired, confused in learning a language, we can’t blame kids! Teaching, especially a new language, to kids requires a right mix of fun, interactive sessions sprinkled with lots of entertainment, action, and patience. Colorful pictures, songs and audios, movie clippings, and a tit-bit of exercises and puzzles add to the educational element. Each kid absorbs and learns at its own pace. Communiqua idenitifies and caters to the need of each kid, engaging them with games and activities, while ensuring the learning.Read More about French for Kids »