Group Classes for levels – French

These classes in sync with the guidelines laid down by CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) Being a phonetic language necessitates French learning with proper accent and pronunciation. Communiqua, through its French Language Training Course, eases the challenges you are faced with while learning a new language. Tailor-made to suit your needs with a blend of self-paced learning, our language training course is sure to equip you with necessary skills and confidence to have a conversation in French apart from giving you a rich cultural insight. We adhere to a step by step method for learning French, offering courses and Communiqua certifications at all levels:

  • A1 Certification for Beginners
  • A2 Certification for Elementary
  • B1 Certification for Intermediate
  • B2 Certification for Upper Intermediate

From basic communication to fluent conversation, our range of courses are sure to meet your requisite needs. Enroll for French Language Training Course in Communiqua to experience this beautiful language of love. Or, head for a free demo session before learning to romance with the language.