Why Chinese

It’s the world’s most spoken language that boasts of close to a billion native speakers
With an already large and a rapidly growing economy, multinational companies are rapidly establishing their presence in the Chinese market.
It is one of the difficult languages to learn, hence the competition is less and scope is more.

Chinese made easy and enjoyable at our foreign language school

Our teaching style instills an awareness of the rich Chinese heritage, thus making the learning process of a seemingly tough language, easy. With a range of options, our training centre caters to students of all levels and learning styles. One-on-one private classes with specific learning objectives and also for small groups are a special feature of our language institute. Course customization to work in sync with people, irrespective of their background which includes syllable pronunciation and word formation approaches

HSK Chinese Courses (Classroom )

HSK is the internationally recognised Chinese proficiency examination for testing the ability of the language amongst non-native students. In spite of this being a group course, we ensure that each and every candidate is equipped and confident about taking the tests.

Special Kid’s Courses

The entire 30-hour course for kids is loaded with fun, offering interesting insights into the language. Words and phrases that can apply in everyday lives are taught in a fashion that kids love the most – in the form of songs and stories.

Courses for Corporate & Embassy Chinese (Classroom & On-line on demand)

Customised solutions at flexible timings for corporate and business houses, thereby ensuring that professionals understand the discussions in meetings, are able to negotiate in Chinese and conduct a business using the language.

Training for Businessmen (Classroom )

Courses on Chinese for Businessmen from Communiqua are perfectly suited for professionals, who require to use the language in business context to start a new venture, attend trade shows, etc, which is different from the colloquial context. Our courses ensure smooth sailing for a business man to venture into any business with China.

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