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There is no better way to enhance English language learning than to be in an environment that talks, walks and breathes it! That is precisely the experience that this English training school in Chennai offers. Years of experience and proven results have earned us the reputation of one of the best English training institutes in Chennai. So, if you’ve been wondering how to learn English, we say the Communiqua way.

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Value-added courses in English learning training

Easy English

Available for every class as tuitions, to help and upgrade a student from his existing level and stage of difficulty to level where he is better, more correct and confident. These classes are held in groups and focus on specific problem area of the child.

Excel English

This is an English enhancement program designed for students of Grade 6 and above. This course comprises of grammar, vocabulary, reading, speaking, writing and spelling skills. This approach to training English is activity based and experiential. Designed by our experts, this course aims at getting a student at par with international standards. It develops language through skill development.

Vitamin Phonics

This is a beautifully crafted program to impart literacy skills with correct pronunciation to children as well as a boost to their confidence in all areas of English. We specialize in the teachers training program that can equip a montessari teacher, a mother or a school teacher to impart the same knowledge to children.

Personality Enhancers

Skill and activity based courses, with a meticulously crafted content – to let children apply their language skills in new and creative ways. Public speaking, Storytelling, Creative Writing, and Etiquette Training Courses are held during vacations that productively engage children enhance their personality.

Public speaking, Storytelling, Creative Writing, and Etiquette Training Courses during Vacations.

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