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Why Hindi

Hindi is one of the most beautiful, versatile and eloquent languages widely spoken in India.

Hindi is essential for people who want to migrate to other parts of the nation for work or otherwise.

It is also one of the top five most spoken languages in the world .

Master Hindi with language instruction by qualified native speakers

With an army of native Hindi speakers as trainers, learning gets quicker and thorough. Through meticulously designed course books, emphasize on syllable and accent rules , vocabulary, phonetics, grammar, word and sentence  formation, spellings. Private tuitions, group coaching and online classes are offered at our language teaching centre at flexible schedules.

Coaching for Prachar Sabha Exam

From Prathmic to Praveen, the course module is crafted to suit all levels of learning and periodical assessments are conducted to test the progress of students. The carefully formulated module has proven results.

Coaching for IAS Hindi Language Paper

Focuses on comprehension, translation, grammar acquaintance, synopsis and essay writing. Practice of previous year’s papers, application of proper sequence in attempting the papers is regularly discussed.

Spoken and Written Hindi

Integrates reading, writing, speaking and listening. Literary works and formal writings are introduced to encourage reading habits as well as grasp the full implication of the intensity of the language.

Hindi tuitions for Children

Hindi tuitions are highly focused for improving a childs level of Hindi to make him to excel in his academics. Lot of practice of spelling is ensured to make a strong foundation for Hindi.

Classroom Activities

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