Why Korean

Rapid economic expansion of Korea in trade, technology, finance and communications has increased the demand of Korean language speakers globally.

Another factor contributing to the proliferation of the language is the recognition of Korean culture on the world platform.

For people aspiring to work or migrate to Korea, assimilating Korean language skill is imperative in many professions and in day to day situations.

Korean language lessons with contemporary methodologies

Communiqua teaches you to read, write, listen and orally demonstrate yourself sufficiently in Korean in a short time by providing comprehensible study materials and ample group discussions and oral practice. Literary works and formal writings are introduced to encourage reading habits as well as grasp the full implication of the intensity of the language. Flexibility with the number of students per group, timings, and location makes us one of the best language learning companies.

Corporate Training

Korean language skills for the employees through a course module based on the business, cultural and professional backgrounds of the participants.

Korean for Business People

An array of training formats from exhaustive to modular to voluminous, based on your needs, objectives, schedule and budget.

Group Classes

Provides a perfect balance between basic Korean language skills and specialized language needs (company presentations, business interactions)

Private Tuition/Online Tutoring

Best suited to develop technical vocabularies or support your needs in business Korean. The teaching language is Korean right from the first lesson.

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