Why Spanish

The Numero Uno Spanish Learning Center in Chennai

Whether you are a student vying to learn Spanish as an additional language, a business executive needing to learn Spanish quickly for your job or a family that is travelling for a vacation to Spanish speaking regions, Communiqua offers greater flexibility and customization to suit your specific needs.

Our language centre provides innovative and high-energy Spanish classes that focuses on age appropriate learning activities and applies Spanish to simple, social or business situations. For those who find it difficult to come the distance to our state of the art classrooms, we undertake online language training courses too.

Corporate Training

A wide range of services for corporate companies encompassing interpretation, translation and occupation specific Spanish language training professionals. Progressive levels are offered with easy schedules

Private Tuitions

Dynamic lessons for all levels help to improve not only grammar but most importantly Spanish fluency for those who find it difficult to learn in a group environment or difficult to travel.

Classes For Children

Fun and interactive classes including learning through drills, expressions, phrases, dialogues etc. Holistic method of teaching through a cultural context, making the language come alive for young learners

Group Classes

Following the international curriculum structure for European Languages CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), this spanish language course prepares students ( for Adults and Teenagers) for all six levels.

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