Communiqua Foreign Language training

Now Language of your love just a few clicks away@ Communiqua

Communiqua offers online classes where-in the Faculty would be imparting the classes from the institute and the students can gain access to the class from their own comfort-zone anywhere in the world with the help of an internet connection. These online classes serve as real savior for those with time constraints and work pressure but wish to learn a foreign language to upgrade their career or unwind their stress.

The virtual classroom will give feel of a traditional classroom where students interact with the trainer in REAL TIME as it is fully equipped with a digital whiteboard, webcam stream of student and instructor, video and audio materials, PDF files of the study material, (which can be availed by the student).


No es tan bravo el león como lo pintan.

Literal Translation: The lion is not as fierce as he is made out to be.

In English, we would say, “his bark is worse than his bite.” This proverb implies that a person who seems fierce might be a reasonable human being.