Communiqua Foreign Language training

Our customized language courses provide different solutions for the different needs of students, professionals, companies engaged in: service industry, airlines, travel, tourism, granite, leather, textiles, foreign bank, exporting, software, joint ventures, merchant navy, Hotels, tour operators, etc.

  • Fast Track courses
  • Private Tutoring (one to one). 40 hour package for 30,000 Rs + GST
  • College courses
  • Interpersonal soft skill
  • Refreshment courses

This course is Designed for all the students but even for anybody who needs Revision on Any Language can get again in touch with the language.

Communiqua can also offers other kind of services related to foreign languages:


Face to face interpretation for conferences and business & legal meetings.

Telephone Interpretation of conference calls.

Communiqua provides excellent quality service in all our interpretation languages. However, there are inevitably some languages our clients need more often than others. In these languages, we have developed large and responsive teams of highly skilled interpreters. The most common interpreting languages are:

German,French ,Spanish,Italian,Polish,Portuguese,Polish,Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese),Japanese,korean.


Translating is the only way to get acquainted with a document written in a language of which one has no command.At Communiqua ,We can provide professional translation of texts both from these foreign languages, and into them. The experience of our translators enables us to translate texts of various subjects: technical instructions, legal documents, medical researches, documents of personal character, presentation, statutory documents, etc.

Please, contact us to get more info about our services.