Corporate Training

Our team at Communiqua understands the importance of training in Corporate Communication. Effective Strategic Communication is vital to an organization’s success as it plays an important role in communicating brand value to itsstakeholders and it’s target audience. At Communiqua, we thrive to provide the best training for Corporate Communication in the city of Chennai. We see the need to be proficient in corporate etiquette and thus accordingly provide suitable training, specific to your organization’s needs.

The need for consistency and coherent corporate communication is relevant to the company’s brand value, as the image they portray to their stakeholders and customers. Albeit the messages may be carried forth by a few individuals, the reputation of the organization is dependent on that image.

Here are few ways Communiqua may assist you in accomplishing the finest methods to broadcast your organization’s information, be it on a micro or macro level.

Training in Corporate Etiquette and Communication

Presenting your-selfwell in a professional environment. Building a good rapport with all levels employees, customers and clients. Composing effective communication skills like greetings and other pleasantries, amongst many other abilities. Engage your clients with appropriate listening skills. Dynamic communication is effective when open minds are capable of entertaining thoughts without judgment. Effective Communication can result in high quality and strong relationships thereby generating trust values to the brand.

Survival Kit” learning program

At Communiqua, we understand decisions have to be made on short notice, which will require steadfast training, and hence we designed the Survival Kit.

This program will enable you to learn critical aspects required to appear as a competent business professional. An imperative facet of the Survival Kit is that we assure our assistance throughout your travel abroad. This program facilitates your language learning process as well as paves your way to language learning proficiency regardless where you may be.

Multi Cultural Guidance for compelling impressions for travel overseas

With competent trainers adept with broad knowledge on customs and traditions of the languages they teach, Communiqua will help build confidence unforeseen environments. Training in the do’s and don’t in social and business situations. Greeting etiquette, appropriate dress codes and several other useful cultural insights. Communiqua will ensure you are prepared for your global communication and create a lasting impression. Choose from the list of far-reaching languages to learn from, which will harness cultural and professional conformity, and make the world a smaller place. English Mandarin Hindi Tamil Japanese Korean French German Spanish

Multi Cultural Guidance for compelling impressions for travel overseas

Corporate Training, as diverse as it may seems, may appear to be a mammoth taskto assemble in one sphere. Not to mention the exuberant fees associated with it. Which is why Communiqua gives you the choice of being trained exactly to you what need. The freedom to tailor make your own program with the guidance of our trained advisors will ensure resolute and adequate corporate training. We also provide one on one training to cater to your individual needs. Training sessions can be arranged at the location and timing of your convenience. The importance of impressive corporate communication should not summed down to only safeguard the image of the organization but to essentially be consistent with the running of the operations of the organization, especially when it comes to strategic communication and the ambitions of the company. All of this and more can be coached at Communiqua with its unique methodology and its sincere and confident perspectives.

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